Why Invest in Training Videos for your Company?

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Training employees can be challenging with so many factors involved. You may have multiple locations, employees who work from home, or even different time zones. Not to mention the cost of training new employees over and over as they are hired.  Furthermore, some skills may need to be reinforced for employees who have already been trained once.  Having a reference to return to without using further resources would be convenient.  Video trainings solve all of these issues, giving you a simple cost-effective method of training.

Videos have been proven in studies to increase memory retention in not just short-term memory but also long-term memory.  They are a productive form of training.  One that takes little effort and resources away from your current employees and little effort on the part of your management and human resources.  We can work with you to ensure that your trainings are not a broad generalization but a custom fitting means of knowledge for your workforce.

Our company will create two different types of training videos, one is specific for the applications we develop directly, the other is for companies to use for internal training.  There will be differences in the amount of input we will need from your business to complete them both.  However, all of our videos include opening animation of your company logo, an engaging voice, energetic background music and highlights of important information. Special requests are taken with all video production.

Any application that is developed by us has the capability of being turned into a training video.  Inquire with one of our team while working out the details for your software and a quote will be directly provided.  This can be a turnkey solution.  The same team that will develop your application will write the script to your training video.  Also, we will record all the actions taken in the video and screenshots needed to make the video flow.  There will be no decisions to make on your part unless you wish to add input.

For internal company training videos, we would need to build a relationship with a point of contact on what will need to be incorporated into the video.  More direction and input would be necessary in this scenario.  We will work with your company to build a script and help find the information you need to put together a video that is tailored to your specific needs.

As always, we provide free consultations for your project and companies needs.  Please refer to our Video Training page for more information and example demonstration of our training videos.  Contact us today and speak with someone directly to see what we can do for you at 724-755-3080.