Using Microsoft Azure to power your business

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The Westmoreland Software team just finished up an exciting new Angular application hosted on Microsoft Azure for a client.  Using App Services to host their API, Angular UI and Azure SQL for their database, they get a secure, low maintenance, and reliable platform to host their service.  Microsoft Azure gives us the reliability, security, and flexibility to meet all our customers’ needs.

For this application, we chose to use Microsoft’s Defender for Cloud solution for security.  Defender for Cloud continuously assesses your services for security breaches, provides security recommendations, and sends security alerts when threats are detected.  Azure offers Security Center as a base layer, but Defender is a great affordable option that gives you more enhanced security and advanced threat detection.

The application needed to create PDF reports and certifications and then store those securely.  With on-premise, we would have chosen to store these using the SQL Filestream, which efficiently stores files on the file system while accessing them through SQL.  In Azure, we do not currently have this ability so a work around is to store a pointer in the Azure database and the file on an Azure blob.  This is the method our team chose to efficiently store and retrieve documents as needed through the system.  Microsoft Defender covers your storage options as well to keep your documents secure.

Microsoft Azure offers many flexible options for up-time and backup as well.  Between zone redundant and load balanced servers, Azure has plenty of flexibility to handle most application scenarios.  For this application, our team stuck with the basics.  Using geo-redundant storage, we combined affordability with peace of mind knowing Microsoft is securely storing and replicating data in both the primary region and a secondary region to protect against regional outages.  In more advanced scenarios, you can even leverage these secondary regions for read only operations that reduce stress on your primary system.

In the end, the professional team here at WS also trusts Microsoft Azure with our applications, and that’s why we trust it with yours.  We feel so confident in the services Azure offers that we have moved all our in-house applications to the platform as well.

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