Required to use DocuSign? Make life easier!

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An existing WS customer presented a problem they faced complying with PennDot’s requirement to report projects through DocuSign.  The new process was going to require new staffing resources at a time when staffing resources are expensive and hard to find.  On top of that, this inefficient process would pull directly from their bottom line.  The solution was to integrate their existing application with DocuSign.

The application is built using Angular 14 with a .NET 6 backend.  PennDot had created a template that needed filled out for each project component and signed to submit for payment.  The goal was to fill out the template and allow the user to sign the document without leaving their browser.  This process could easily be adapted to send the document to external sources for signatures, but in this case the signature was required by the internal user.

Using the DocuSign nuget package, we chose the Authorization Code Grant method to connect to DocuSign.  This allowed us to connect on behalf of the user to perform actions needed to create the DocuSign envelope.  Using this method, a user is redirected to the DocuSign Log In.  Once the user logs in and provides consent, a token is provided to the application.  An alternative to this method would be to use the JWT grant to have the application login as a service account.  Some advantages of the Authorization Code Grant are ease of implementation, security, and embedded signing.

Using the token, the application creates an envelope from the template.  The template is then filled out using a series of APIs provided by DocuSign.  Once the envelope has been created and the template populated from their database, the user is directed to sign the document using the embedded signing method.  The user is redirected to DocuSign and has the option to edit any information, print, sign, finish later and so on.

The user completes the DocuSign form and provides their signature.  Once complete, the document is downloaded from DocuSign and stored on the customer’s server for historical purposes.

In the end, this was a fun project that will save our customer 100s of hours of labor and more over the years while increasing accuracy in reporting by avoiding double entry.  It also will allow them to keep up with a demanding workload by efficiently moving projects through the system with the staff they already have.

Do you have a task that is using up too many valuable resources?  Are you curious if integration services are a fit for you?  DocuSign integration is just one example of how our team can help save you time and money.  Give us a call at 724-755-3080 and see if we can help provide value to your organization.