QuickBooks Online Payment Integration

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When the pandemic hit our communities, businesses, and families, a very important customer approached our WS team with a request to integrate purchasing between their website and their central accounting program. This integration would provide them the critical ability to take credit cards through their site and eliminate extra effort to synchronize their payment gateway with their accounting software. After discussing many options, including stripe and other payment gateways, it was decided that the customer’s existing gateway through QuickBooks Online (QBO) would be utilized.

The customer needed a process that would not only take payments but allow for monthly subscriptions. Furthermore, the customer needed a process that would create their account inside of QBO, create the sales receipt, and email out the receipt and order alerts. Our WS team already had experience integrating to QBO , and by leveraging this experience was able to successfully design and implement a working solution in less than six weeks.

QBO offers a rich setup of APIs that offer the ability to query, create, and update records such as customer lists , sales receipts, invoices, processed payments and much more. The process involves securing a connection to the QBO API suite by utilizing OAuth 2.0, followed by the creation of a payment form that would tokenize the credit card through QBO payment service without it ever touching the customers servers or network . This has many benefits , not only is the credit card not stored, but it also never passes through the customer’s servers. This greatly reduces the PCI requirements on the environment hosting the application. The rest of the process uses HTTP Rest requests to complete the necessary record entries into QBO.

The ability to integrate and automate credit card processing, which saved the customer valuable hours that had been lost to the old manual process, is a great example of how our team can help you solve your integration or data sharing needs . Give us a call at 724-755-3080 to discuss your next integration project.​