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Software testing is a crucial step in the process to ensure your software is fully functional, reliable, secure, and user-friendly. In our case, Westmoreland Software is specifically referring to QA services regarding software that we have designed and developed. As the end-users’ expectations and demands continuously grow, the release of a new product without thorough testing phase can bring more risks now than ever before.

By working with our team of experienced QA professionals, you can be confident that your software will be thoroughly tested and validated against your specific requirements. Our testing services include manual and automated testing, functional testing, integration testing, performance testing, security testing, and more. We use a combination of manual and automated testing methods to provide comprehensive testing coverage and ensure the highest level of quality for your software.

There are several steps to a successful QA process.

End-to-end functional testing services are designed to test a software system's behavior from end-to-end, from the user interface to the back-end systems. These tests ensure that the software behaves as intended and meets all functional requirements and business needs. By conducting comprehensive functional testing, potential defects and inconsistencies can be identified and addressed before the software is released to the end-users.

BrowserStack is a cloud-based testing platform that allows developers and testers to perform functional and regression testing on a wide range of browsers, operating systems, and devices. It provides an environment for testing web and mobile applications on real devices, emulators, and simulators, which helps to identify issues before the software is deployed.

Our team uses a range of tools, including BrowserStack and many others, to perform functional testing and ensure the quality of the software we develop for our clients.

Performance testing can be done both load testing and stress testing to project how your application performs as your organization grows.  Performance testing is critical to learn the scalability of your application.  While there are many options available, LoadNinja is a great tool for performance testing your software.

LoadNinja is a cloud-based performance testing tool that allows you to simulate realistic load scenarios on your applications. With LoadNinja, you can test your application's scalability and performance under different conditions, such as high traffic, high user loads, and heavy data volume. It offers an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to create and execute load tests, as well as advanced features such as real-time analytics and customizable load profiles. LoadNinja also enables you to identify performance bottlenecks, memory leaks, and other issues that may affect your application's performance. Overall, LoadNinja is a powerful tool for ensuring that your software can handle the demands of your growing business.

Usability testing is an important step to ensure that your software is intuitive and user-friendly. By observing real users as they complete tasks, you can identify any usability issues and make improvements to the design and user experience.

There are various methods for conducting usability testing, including in-person testing, remote testing, and unmoderated testing. In-person testing involves bringing users into a physical location to complete tasks while being observed by a tester. Remote testing involves conducting usability testing online, either through video conferencing or remote testing tools. Unmoderated testing allows users to complete tasks on their own time and without direct observation, but with the use of tools that record their actions and feedback.

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, is an important step in identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities in software and technology infrastructure. It involves simulating a real-world cyberattack to identify weaknesses in the system's defenses.

Automated scanning tools are commonly used for pen testing, as they can quickly and efficiently identify known vulnerabilities. UpGuard is a tool that can be used for automated scanning to identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security issues in your infrastructure and software.

However, automated tools may miss certain vulnerabilities that require a more sophisticated approach. That's where ethical hackers come in.

Ethical hackers are trained professionals who use their knowledge of hacking techniques to identify vulnerabilities in a system. They conduct a thorough analysis of the system's defenses, using a variety of tools and techniques to identify potential vulnerabilities. They can also provide recommendations for improving the system's security posture.

Overall, a combination of automated scanning tools and ethical hacking can provide a comprehensive approach to pen testing and help prevent your organization from being vulnerable to a breach.

Accessibility testing is an important aspect of software development as it ensures that the software is usable by everyone, including people with disabilities. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) provide a set of recommendations for making web content more accessible to people with disabilities. Accessibility testing involves testing the software against these guidelines to ensure that it meets the necessary accessibility standards.

WCAG covers a wide range of disabilities including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, and neurological disabilities. Some common examples of WCAG requirements include providing alternative text for images, ensuring that the software can be navigated using only a keyboard, providing closed captions for videos, and ensuring that the software can be used with assistive technologies such as screen readers.

Accessibility testing can be done manually by individuals with disabilities or with the help of automated tools designed to detect accessibility issues. There are several accessibility testing tools available in the market such as Axe, Google Lighthouse, and Pa11y. These tools can identify accessibility issues such as missing alt text, improper heading structures, and keyboard accessibility issues.

you have options

We realize that every organization has a budget and depending on the application QA services can differ. We work with you to determine the level of QA testing your application needs. At minimum, your application will need functional testing to make sure the product you are receiving meets the needs of your organization.

We do the work

Our team can create your test plans based on the software development specs and oversee all functional testing. We design, implement, and utilize the test process to ensure your software is meeting specifications. We setup and provide reports on stress testing to meet your requirements. We also utilize 3rd party usability and security testing to provide you peace of mind on your software investment.

Your team helps

Many customers want to use the QA experience to help facilitate training and expertise within their organization as well as save a little on the budget. We will work with your team in any capacity required. We even integrate your team into our development process and give you the same access to tools such as Jira as our developers have. This ensures a smooth transition through the software development life cycle from design and implementation to quality testing and deployment.

Already working with a QA team?

No problem, we’ll work with them too. We are committed to working with your existing QA team to ensure that our development process aligns with your organization's specific needs and requirements. We understand that your team may have established procedures and protocols in place, and we will work closely with them to ensure that our development process is fully integrated with your existing QA process. Our team is flexible and adaptable, and we are always open to feedback and suggestions from our clients. We believe that collaboration is the key to success, and we will work with you to ensure that the software development process runs smoothly and efficiently.