No, we do not outsource your project!

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A question we often get from potential clients is, does your company outsource any part of our project?  The answer is absolutely not, we never have and never will.  We are personally with you every step of the way from first contact through development and deployment to eventual support and maintenance.  The faces you become familiar with during discovery will be the same faces you work with throughout the entire process.

Recently we have been contacted by multiple global business developers wanting us to partner with them to hire their overseas talent.  They are targeting companies seeking to get software projects completed and also consulting companies hired to complete software projects.  This is an option that will seem appealing to many businesses.  The cost of living and therefore labor is much cheaper overseas.  Outsourcing all of the development of a project or even certain phases can increase profits rather than employing local workers.  However, we have never considered this as an avenue to pursue for many reasons.

So why will we not outsource?

To begin with, we pride ourselves on supporting our community and scouting for local talent.  We have hired many interns from local universities over the years to mentor.  Some of our current employees have been hired directly from our internship program and been trained within our paradigm.  All of our team is full-time and lives locally within Westmoreland County.  Our company has a trusted process for hiring and screening our employees to make sure they have the experience and knowledge needed to perform.  Our WS team of employees work together on every project with continuous daily meetings and updates to ensure the quality of work we deliver exceeds the expectations of our clients.  This process ensures that there are more options to support our customers as projects move from development to implementation. We do not just value the relationship we have with our employees.  We value the relationship we build with each and every client.  We aim to become trusted partners with the individuals and organizations we work for.  They know us as an individual and not just a resource that may or may not listen to their needs and understand their business model.  In many cases, our customers rely on us to become part of their process and help them drive innovative technological changes.

Communication is key to success!  Understanding one another is the foundation for working together effectively.  Overseas development may seem cheaper initially.  However, it is often much more expensive in the long run.  Language and cultural differences can make precise and effective communication challenging.  Then time differences can delay projects and create confusion in the development process, resulting in implementation timelines suffering.  Also, offshore resources dedicated to your project often experience high turnover.  It is challenging to establish rapport with resources you never meet that may be constantly changing.  In turn, resources are less likely to go the extra mile for customers that no rapport has been established.  We do not have any of these hurdles to overcome in the process and neither will you.

There are also risks to data security and privacy breaching.  Security of proprietary information becomes unreliable at best.  There is no way to protect this information shall the agreement need to be terminated.  Often laws in other countries do not provide the same protections for foreign businesses.

Interested in a partner instead?  We develop not just software but strong relations with the individuals we work for.  You can read more about us and who we are here. If you would like to establish a working relationship with us, please contact us today for further information and assistance and we will personally evaluate your needs at no cost to you.