Mobile Development

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The Westmoreland Software team just completed a new application that combined Xamarin, Angular, and .Net Core to bring efficiency, security, scalability, and reliability to a mobile ER scheduling application.

.NET core 5.0 was used to provide secure API access to data hosted in Microsoft Azure.  The API implements OAuth 2.0 to protect the data from unauthorized access.  A web application using Angular was built to allow the customer’s users to manage data from their laptops and other devices.  Angular provides a great platform based on HTML and Typescript and backed by Google to provide rich browser-based UIs.

To complete the project, Microsoft’s Xamarin platform was used to create a mobile application for both iOS and Android devices.  The application would allow non-administrators easy access to the core features of the application.  Xamarin is a cost-effective way to write once and deploy to many different platforms , this means that developers can write the code in one language such as C# and share the code across all major platforms.  Part of this application was to schedule calendar reminders, through Xamarin to the user’s calendar, depending on the calendar (Google Calendar worked great), it would also synchronize to the cloud and across all the user’s devices.

This project allowed for several other interesting uses of technology to fit the customer’s needs. This particular customer utilized Google Team Drive and Google Sheets. The customer requested the ability to export data to the Google Team drive out of Angular, this provided a chance for us to utilize Google’s APIs to complete this task . This integration successfully tied the application to the customer’s processes to achieve their goals and make their team more efficient.

One hurdle however was that Azure SQL lacks the SQL Server Agent to help with those routing data maintenance jobs. We overcame this by utilizing Microsoft Azure Logic Apps that can be very powerful when implemented to help run workflows or routine tasks.

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