Inventory Management Experience

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Our team successfully incorporated our inventory management experience to deploy a new application to track lot-based inventory. Using Angular and .Net Core, we relied on over 15 years of experience developing inventory management software to assist a customer in tracking certifications using lot numbers. Our developers created a customized solution to customer specifications allowing them to receive, adjust, issue and return inventory. A key component of this application was to track the creation of kits back to the original components and be able to certify each component and kit. Products were received into the application and documentation was scanned or uploaded along with the lot number. Products are then issued to the kit having a negative impact on inventory. Kits that are cancelled create a positive adjustment (return) of inventory back into stock.

Our team drew from experience developing a sophisticated automated supply program. The system had the ability to track serial and lot numbers, receiving, adjustments, cycle counts, returns, crib management, asset management, RFID, vendor managed inventory, dispensing, replenishment and much more. Using a combination of mobile and web technologies, this allows customers to improve accountability, maximize availability with minimum investment while increasing the visibility of inventory. Dispensing offered point of use control with a reduction of labor costs. All these tools combined to provide a more efficient and accurate handling of inventory often creating significant cost savings.

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