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Who is Westmoreland Software

Crafting digital experiences with precision and passion.


Consultants, Developers, and Team Players

Although we have recently changed our name to better align with the services we offer, our management and team remain unchanged. We continue to be the familiar faces that our clients have come to know and trust. With a wealth of experience in collaborating with clients, we have successfully provided customized solutions to countless unique needs over the years.  

Our team of skilled engineers all possess degrees from local universities and work within our community. We never outsource any of our projects, and all our engineers are residents of the area. As experienced software engineers, we take pride in delivering high-quality services at affordable prices with faces you will see and become familiar with.  We possess a thorough understanding of development requirements and have the expertise necessary to take your idea from inception to completion, including design, development, installation, and ongoing support.

Building the future, one byte at a time.

Message from our Team Leader

“It is really important to our team to be more than consultants to our customers.  We strive to be partners with them.  Delivering quality service is not just about meeting customer expectations, it is about exceeding them.  It is about guiding customers, many who are experiencing this process for the first time, to make the best decisions for the future of their organizations. Our goal is to create long lasting customer relationships where we deliver the value customers need and expect.

Optimism is not just a mindset, it is a fuel that drives us towards a better future. It helps us see opportunities where others see obstacles and it empowers us to keep moving forward even when the road ahead seems challenging.”

Jeffrey Cesario

Customers reviews

What our customers have to say?
We are a leading designer and manufacturer of architectural products used around the world, based in Pittsburgh, PA. We are always strategizing to grow our business and diligently working to streamline the way we conduct business. To facilitate the results we desire, there is a hefty investment in development efforts both internally and by utilizing great partners, like this team. When we were first introduced to the team, we were immediately impressed by their attitude and business acumen. We were not just another client. We were not just another job. There was a genuine interest in our business, and how they collectively could contribute to make it better. Everyone we have worked with at Westmoreland Software has shown a genuine passion for what they do. It's never about just finishing the project and moving on. It's always about building the best result possible, while continuing to strengthen the business relationship. We have always had very specific development needs, and finding talent to support our technology and growing needs has always been a challenge. Westmoreland Software has not only become a reliable partner, but an integral extension to our internal development team. We could not be more pleased with the work the team has done, and continues to do for our company.
Jason Lehman
Director of it
We are a niche infrastructure services company based in Scottdale, PA serving a broad range of customer types across multiple states. As part of performing work for Various DOTs, we must supply material certification documents on a job-by-job basis. This requires the document upload, storage, and the assembly of a one-off document package to support this requirement. To put this in perspective, it has historically required 2.5 full time employees to manage this requirement. We have struggled with the sheer administrative burden, accuracy, and consistency of presentation for many years. We tried several organic approaches to solving the problem and finally concluded we needed some outside help. I was introduced to Westmoreland Software several years ago by a mutual acquaintance, but never had the opportunity to use them on a project. We decided to engage them to help us solve this problem. The experience has been extraordinary. We went from initial conversations and concept to a fully functioning system in less than 9 months, and it could have been faster but for our lack of internal bandwidth to dedicate to the project at certain times along the way. This team sets the bar for listening, responsiveness, and overall value. They are masterful at understanding and provoking conversations about business process and translating that into streamlined tools,. They have consistently exceeded our expectations in every facet of this project. As a result of their performance on this project, we are already planning the next several. We have big plans, and WMS will be an integral part. Hire them!
Dave Cramer
Penn Line Service